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Satoshi, Eru and Mayaka plan to enter their next contest, the Cooking Contest, as part of their plan to advertise the Classic Literature Club.


Juumonji case

Eru finds note from "Juumonji"

On this second day of the Kanya Festival, Mayaka apologises to the Manga Society president that she was unable to find the book "A Corpse by Evening". As an excuse, she reasons that she might have left it at her relatives' home during the vacation. As some of the other members stare at Mayaka, the president reacts by asking her to help put up advertisement posters, which astonished Mayaka, who believed the president would lash some form of cold insult. The president is about to go out on her own errand, so she leaves the posters to Mayaka. As the president left, Mayaka realises that the president had remembered the title of the book.

Later that morning, the members of the Classics club gather to discuss their schedule for the cooking contest at 11:30. Mayaka remembers that she has to help with the Manga Society posters, so Satoshi places her to go last at 12:10. Understanding this, Mayaka heads off to help with the posters. Satoshi also goes off to check on the Executive Committee, leaving Eru and Houtarou behind.

At the Committee room, the president asks Satoshi to send some items to the gymnasium. While picking up the box holding the items, Satoshi asks if the president will go around and take a look at the festival. As he is busy, the president explains that he tries to show his face around every so often. the president then asks if anything interesting has happened. Using this opportunity, Satoshi explains that some Go stones from the Go Club has been stolen, while a note has been left behind. Satoshi jokes that the president may not believe his story is a theft, but the president is convince since one drink disappeared from the A Capella Clubs possession. Hearing that a note was also left, Satoshi grinned, seeing how interesting things were becoming.

"Mysteries" solvedEdit

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