Houtarou finally figures out true identity of the mysterious "Juumonji" thief who committed many minor thefts at the Kanya Festival. He decides to put that knowledge into good use.


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As the school-wide broadcast goes on, the feet of an unknown someone can be seen walking, presumably being the culprit's. Eru answers to the announcers shout-outs, advertising both the Juumonji case and the Hyouka anthology. She even asks people to come to their club room to guard the last item Juumonji intends to steal, a "manuscript". During this, Mayaka in the club room notices that some more copies of the anthology is "missing", possibly sent out to sell somewhere else. By the end of this live broadcast, Eru wonders if it went well, even though the announcer himself stated Eru did well.

In the Classics Club's room, Mayaka, Satoshi and Eru stand around a table, with the Hyouka's manuscript on top, while a large number of students and citizens surround and fill the room. Houtarou is quite astonished when the Hyouka anthology starts to sell well, until less than 30 or so copies are left. Yet, with so many people in the room, participants begin to become impatient, thinking that Juumonji can't steal the manuscript now.

From somewhere in the room, a phone rings, surprising everyone. Satoshi notices that it is his cell phone and apologises. With many of the people's eye off the manuscript, suddenly the manuscript goes up in flames. Satoshi immediately takes action and attempts to take the fire out as the other bystanders watch. Mayaka notices that there is water on the table where the manuscript was, but places her attention back to the burning manuscript itself. With the manuscript now illegible from the burns, Satoshi claims that they've been defeated. Near the desk, a Hyouka anthology lies on the floor, and when Mayaka looks at it, it says "The Classic's Club complete manuscript has been lost. The ten letters has been achieved."

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