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Houtarou convinces Eru to ask for additional help from Satoshi and Mayaka. Therefore, her mystery becomes a focus of the entire Classic Lit Club. They agree to meet up to discuss the mystery of the words of Eru's uncle.


Houtarou and Satoshi

On the same after-school afternoon that the Classic Lit Club couldn't find the first issue of "Hyouka", Eru and Houtarou head home together. While walking, Houtarou mentions that finding clues about the mystery behind past of Eru's uncle would be a lot easier if Satoshi and Mayaka were to help as well. Eru reluctantly agrees with him and they decide to ask the rest of the Classic Lit Club (meaning Satoshi and Mayaka) for the help.

Some time later, on a sunny weekend day, Houtarou is seen standing at some crossroad in Kamiyama, where he meets cheerful Satoshi, who greets Houtarou with nasty joke. Although Houtarou doesn't appreciate it, they both began riding their bicycles towards Eru's home to hold a meeting with Eru and Mayaka there. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what happened to Jun Sekitani, who was Eru's uncle, 45 years ago. During their trip, Houtarou tells Satoshi that he has some information on that subject, and Satoshi responds, that he also has something to show to them. After that Houtarou asks if Satoshi enjoys his high school life. Satoshi answers, that this is correct because he and the people around him are all living colourful lives, in difference to Houtarou, whose life is "dull and grey", but not "colourless".

Finally Houtarou and Satoshi reach their destination, a large Japanese-style mansion surrounded by rice fields, where Eru lives with her family. They ring the door bell, and Eru opens a door to them and guides them a very spacious room, where Mayaka is already sitting near a table. Eru, Houtarou and Satoshi join her at the table, and the meeting begins.

Eru explains purpose of this meeting, which is to find out what had happened 45 years ago with her uncle, Jun Sekitani, and use this explanation as a material for "Hyouka" anthology. She suggests that each member, one by one, should present his/her findings, and after that discuss it with other members for its evaluation.

At first, Houtarou was amazed to find out that Eru can act like a real chairperson, but he got disappointed when Eru began to worry about who would go first. Finally, it was decided that, starting with Eru, members will make their reports in a clockwise rotation, with Mayaka going second, Satoshi third and Houtarou last.

"Mysteries" solved

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  • This episode is adaptation of Ch. 6 "You Can't Escape" from Hyouka.