Shouko Yuasa (湯浅 尚子 Yuasa Shōko) is a second-year student at Kamiyama High School and the president of the school's Manga Club. 



Shouko has long raw-umber brown hair that is half-tied and put on her left shoulder with a hair band and gray eyes. She is seen only in her school uniform and she stands slightly shorter than Eru Chitanda.

Personality Edit

Shouko is a little indifferent and nonchalant appearing at first, though she reveals to be kind and friendly as well. She is very attentive not to get involved in any problematic situations. Still, Shouko is willing to indirectly assist these situations if she is able to.


Shouko acts somewhat indifferent when Ayako Kouchi states that making reviews is pointless and argues with Mayaka Ibara, but is seen quietly lecturing Ayako for being too harsh. She also tries to comfort Mayaka, telling her that Ayako wasn't being serious. When Mayaka asks how she knows she just says "because Ayako and I are friends."


Ayako Kouchi Edit

Ayako is Shouko's good friends who she seems to trust her a lot.

Haruna Anjou Edit

Haruna and Shouko were friends before Haruna's change of school.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Shouko means "still" (尚) (shou) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Shouko's surname Yuasa means "hot water" (湯) (yu) and "shallow" (浅) (asa).


  • Shouko has shown to be quite mischievous:
    • In Episode 13, when Mayaka Ibara was arguing with Ayako Kouchi, Shouko took advantage of the drama by making a banner that says "Girls at War" in front of Manga Society's room to attract more people instead of intervening.
      • Even though she was taking advantage, she knew that Ayako wasn't serious. It's quite apparent that she only did it for the sake of Manga Society, and meant no harm.  
  • Naomi Shindō (Shouko's voice actress) also voiced Ayaka Shindō in Kyōkai no Kanata. Both characters share very similar appearances, as well as personalities. They're both calm and level-headed. They can also be quite mischievous and practical at times, but overall very kind and dependable.

Gallery Edit

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