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Satoshi Fukube (福部 里志 Fukube Satoshi) is a main character of Classic Literature Club series and Hyouka. He is a student of the Kamiyama High School belonging to class 2-D (1-D earlier) and a friend of Houtarou Oreki. He is a member of the school's Classic Literature Club, Handicraft Club and Executive Committee. Satoshi possesses a fantastic memory, but doesn't excel in drawing conclusions therefrom.


Fukube went to the same Kaburaya Middle School as Oreki and Ibara, though not in the same class. From there, he got acquainted with Oreki through some circumstances and henceforth, their relationship stood as frenemies.[1] Fukube was a member of both the school's Executive Committee and the Handicrafts Club before joining the Classics Club.


Fukube's general demeanour is cheerful, eccentric and sarcastic. Despite the surface impression, however, he is generally unassuming and is self-deprecating. He has also confessed to being envious of Oreki's natural deduction skills. Nevertheless, he accepts these qualities to be repellent to other people, thus he has gained a love for humour and smiling, and acts in a spontaneous manner. He likely believes he cannot maintain friendships otherwise. Fukube is very careful with his application of jokes, for he believes that they must be improvised, or else they are just common lies. Moreover, he fully understands how they can cause misunderstandings. His alias is oftentimes dismissed when he talks to people in private. This is especially apparent in his serious conversation with Oreki, where he points out things in him that Oreki may have failed to notice himself, while maintaining a desire to one-up him. Fukube's mood is generally well kept, except when he feels his time has been wasted; then he becomes somewhat depressed. Contrary to his personality, he distances himself when people start getting too close, as he is obsessed with not becoming obsessed with anything. Fukube also has exceptional memory and therefore is very knowledgeable; He refers to it as his "database". However, he refuses to solid decisions, due in part to his belief that databases cannot make conclusions.

His hobbies include mountain bike cycling and arcade games. He is also a Sherlock Holmes fan.[1]


Satoshi Fukube is a fairly short boy, standing at 160 cm (5'3"). He has field-drab, brown coloured short spiky hair that is cut to show all of his face. Fukube's eyes are smokey-topaz brown in colour. He is  principally seen in the Kamiyama High School uniform, When out of school, he dresses in a casual manner which includes lots of colour variation. He also possesses a drawstring bag.


Mayaka Ibara

Mayaka and Satoshi had liked each other since middle school, but Satoshi would always brush aside her advances towards him with a joke. Their current relationship could be considered simple friends. However, later on he admits that Mayaka is truly one of a kind and that he does want to be with her, but due to how he was so obsessive in the past he doesn't want to regress into his old ways and become obsessed with her.

Houtarou Oreki

Satoshi and Houtarou have been friends since middle school and seem to be quite close since Satoshi calls Houtarou by his first name. Satoshi is shown to trust Houtarou quite a bit, as well as acknowledging his skills in mystery solving, although Satoshi is fairly envious of Houtarou. Satoshi is often amused by Houtarou's inability to say "no" to Eru. 

Eru Chitanda

Satoshi maintains a friendly relationship with Eru and he usually helps her to convince Houtarou to start solving mysteries, much to the latter's initial chagrin.

Koreyuki Tani

It's implied that Koreyuki often initiates some sort of competition with Satoshi, much to the displeasure of the latter.


A database can't draw conclusions.

Satoshi about himself[2]
  • "I didn't think you'd do something like that even if you were the last man on earth."[3]
  • "I'm only human you know? Sometimes I get mad."[4]
  • "I am a man of no talents."[5]


  • The name Satoshi means "village" (里) (sato) and "will, purpose" (志) (shi).
  • Satoshi's surname Fukube means "fortune, weal" (福) (fuku) and "part, department, category" (部) (be).



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