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Kurako Eba (江波 倉子 Eba Kurako) is a side character of Hyouka. She is a second-year student of the Kamiyama High School and a close friend of Mayu Hongou.


Kurako has mid-neck length straight brown hair that has bangs swept to the right with a small lavender clip in it and brown eyes.


Kurako seems to be a quiet and reserved girl who doesn't involve herself in things if they don't pique her interest.


Concept art

Kurako first appears to guide the Classics Club members to where they would be meeting the three detectives. Kurako did not take part in the film project, because it didn't interest her and she introduces the three detectives to the Classics Club members. On the way there, she is quiet until Satoshi Fukube asks her who they'll be talking to. Kurako answers that they'll be meeting the assistant director, the props master, and the publicity manager. Satoshi then asks her what she was in charge of. Kurako replies that she didn't take part in the project because it didn't interest her. Eru Chitanda asks her if she and Mayu Hongou were close. Kurako asks why Eru would ask, Eru replies she was simply curious as to what kind of person wrote the script. After a pause Kurako says "Hongou is diligent, careful, has a strong sense of responsibility, ridiculously kind, and easily moved. She's my best friend."

They arrive at the room and when Kurako tells them that since production is on hiatus, nobody should interrupt them. She introduces the three amateur detectives, and explains that each of them have come up with their own theories for the incomplete film. She tells the Classics Club members to listen to what the amateur detectives have to say, and then decide for themselves.

Throughout Episode 9, she appears when the Classics Club members are finished talking with each of the detectives, when they said that each theory was no good, she simply replied "I see" and introduced the next one until they had rejected all of the theories.


Mayu Hongou

Mayu is Kurako's best friend whom Kurako seems to hold her in high regard and says that "Hongou is diligent, careful, has a strong sense of responsibility, ridiculously kind, and easily moved. She's my best friend".


  • The name Kurako means "warehouse" (倉) (kura) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kurako's surname Eba means "bay, inlet" (江) (e) and "wave" (波) (ha/ba).