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Kaho Juumonji (十文字 かほ Jūmonji Kaho) is a minor character of Hyouka. She is a first-year student of Class 1-D at Kamiyama High School and the only member of the school's Fortune Telling Club. She is introduced during the Kanya Festival where her name was linked to a series of lost items during the event's duration.


Kaho has long black-eggplant hair that is tied into a braid, bondi-blue eyes, a mole beneath the tip of her left eye and oval-shaped glasses.


Kaho appears to be a quite friendly girl who speaks in a gentle and soft manner.


Kanya Festival[]

Kaho first appears as one of the many exhibitors in the Kanya Festival, where she offers fortune readings from inside a small teepee-like tent. As Eru Chitanda roams around the school to look for ways to advertise the Classics Club's Hyouka anthologies, she meets her and Kaho offers a free reading. Here, Kaho tells Eru that she can't do tarot card readings because one particular card, The Wheel of Fortune, has been missing, and a note was found nearby, as well as a pamphlet for the school festival. Kaho quickly denies any connections to the "Juumonji" who had written the note. Eru's encounter with Kaho would soon put the Jumonji Incident into the spotlight as more missing items were reported that day.

Arekusu Shrine[]

Kaho meets Eru and Houtarou in the shrine office

In later events, Kaho also appears as a shrine maiden at the Arekusu Shrine, which is run by the Jumonji family. During New Year's Day, she welcomes Houtarou Oreki and Eru Chitanda inside the shrine complex, with Eru personally delivering a bottle of sake as a gift from the Chitanda family to the Jumonji family, which are close friends.


Eru Chitanda[]

Kaho seems to be on good terms with Eru where Eru asks how Kaho's father is doing, which shows that their families may know each other. Kaho greets Eru by given name, without any -kun or -san, when she first speaks to her from the Fortune-Telling Club's tent. What's more, during the search for the Joro Spider group's recruitment notice, Eru mentions that she has a friend who joined the Fortune-Telling Club. Since Kaho is the only member of this club, she's presumably the friend in question.

Satoshi Fukube[]

Satoshi is Kaho's classmate in Class 1-D who calls him Fukube-kun.


  • Kaho's surname Juumonji means "ten" (十) (ju), "sentence" (文) (mon) and "character" (字) (ji).




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