Hyouka Wiki's policies and guidelines are developed by the administrators and generally accepted by the users. Please read information below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.

General policies

What you are encouraged to do:

  • Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith.
  • Be nice.
  • Welcome new users.

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Make personal attacks. Bullying, harassment, threats, and name-calling are not allowed.
  • Spam your own links.
  • Plagiarize content.
  • Vandalize wiki content. This includes adding clearly false information to wiki pages.
  • Edit other user pages. Some exceptions to this exist:
    • An administrator may edit an external link or internal wikilink, to avoid linking out to sites which classified as "spam", or link internally to invalid pages.
    • An administrator can remove content which violates this wiki's policies without prior warning. This includes vandalism by others as well as content you added yourself.

File use policy


  • Please give files a clear, understandable name, preferably with reference to the relevant character/s and episode, not something like "5872895629.jpg", "Screenshot-001.png", etc.
  • Before uploading, check if this file had been already uploaded. Duplicate files will be removed.
  • Please upload files in either JPG or PNG format. In some cases, SVG files are also allowed.
  • Please don't forget to set image licensing when uploading it. File copyright information should be present on the file description page.
  • Please don't upload anime screencaps with subtitles visible.
  • Upload only files related to the official production. No fanart allowed.
  • Every file must have a use in at least one of the wiki's articles.

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Upload any files which violate Fandom Terms of Use. This includes pornographic, racist or offensive images.
  • Upload images unrelated to Classic Literature Club series or Hyouka.
  • Upload poor quality images.


  • Only original videos related to Hyouka are allowed.
  • Fan videos such as AMVs, MADs, etc. are not allowed.

Ban policy

Please note that violation of these rules may result in a ban of up to 2 weeks.


If you have any suggestions regarding these policies, you can leave your message on the talk page or contact any of wiki's administrators.

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