Houtarou and his friends are getting closer to unveiling the true identity of the mysterious "Juumonji" thief responsible for stealing various items at Kan'ya Festival.


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Early in the morning, Satoshi sees the newspaper about the Juumonji case, which is a hot topic. Seeing how fired up the case has attracted so much attention, Satoshi gives off a silent challenge. When he arrives at the first clubroom he desires to visit, to his displeasure, he sees Koreyuki Tani, who self-proclaimed to be Satoshi's rival, and other wanabe detectives. Knowing that he isn't the only one on the hunt for Juumonji, Satoshi sees that Juumonji's escape is becoming smaller and smaller.

Hyouka - 16 - 02

Eru Chitanda and the lady

Eru walks in the hallway, ready for this last day of the festival. She then notices a certain lady standing in the hallway. This lady confirms something and heads toward Eru. While the lady's face is not shown, she passes Eru, while Eru herself feels like she has met this lady. In the Classic Club's clubroom, Hōtarō waits lazily at the counter. He agrees how the Juumonji case may be a good way to attract customers for the Hyouka anthology, but he too believes that it won't be enough to sell all of them. He tells himself that he should think of some other way, but thinks that it may go to waste.
Hyouka - 16 - 01

Koreyuki Tani and Satoshi Fukube

In the Global Act club, Satoshi, Koreyuki and the other detective wanabe's wait for Juumonji to strike, since the clubs name, whose first letter contains the "ku", is one of two suspected clubs to have an item stolen. But Satoshi feels doubt in this club and thinks the Quiz club, which also has "ku" at the start of its name, will be attacked. But he also feels that it's impossible, since the Quiz club has finished all of its activities. With time dragging, most of the detective wanabe's start to leave out of losing interest. Satoshi wonders if Juumonji is hiding from all the people now.

Koreyuki checks his phone texts and looks surprised. Satoshi asks what is wrong, where Koreyuki responds that Juumonji has made a feint. He tells Satoshi that the light music club, known also as the K-on club, has had an instrumental string stolen from them. As Koreyuki leaves to head off somewhere, Satoshi is in disbelief of this indirect attack. But with gossip of the stolen K-on club string flowing around, he accepts it and knows now that Juumonji is far more adaptable than expected. Knowing that direct approaches do not work, Satoshi needs to think of a new plan.

"Mysteries" solvedEdit

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