After all the theories of the amateur detectives have been dismissed, Fuyumi Irisu asks Houtarou personally to solve the mystery in a way to avoid failure of her film.


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Hōtarō Oreki was invited by Fuyumi Irisu for some tea. At the restaurant, Fuyumi questions about the theories of here fellow three members of the movie production, whether their theories were correct or not. Hōtarō tells her all of them were not good. She then calmly asks what were wrong, which was when Hōtarō started to explain deeply. When finished, after hearing Hōtarō's explanation, Fuyumi asks who rejected all of these theories. Hōtarō answers that he did. Fuyumi talks about how he, when they first met, said not to expect much from him. Yet, he was the one to take down and burry all of the theories, which was up to Fuyumi's expectations indeed.

She knew from the start that the three members who gave their theories were not of the right level, though she wouldn't say that they are each incompetent. Each of them have their own talent and this situation did not allow them to be of much use. Without Hōtarō, she may have chosen one of the three's and possibly make a failure out of the movie. There was one person Fuyumi could only count on. She heard of this individual from three of her people: Eru Chitanda, a person not from the school, and Masashi Tōgaito. She was convinced that this one person could be the detective for the film. It was Hōtarō she was seeking from the start, not the Classics club. She realizes that he has great talent, and is a special person.

After a short silence, Fuyumi asks for his help again, but Hōtarō tells her that he doesn't have any such talent. He simply says he was lucky. Though Fuyumi thought to herself that this answer was irritating, she starts to talk about a small tale of a bench member of the Track team. This member practiced day after day to become a regular on the team, yet she wasn't able to since there were so many more talented members. There was even one member who was called a prodigy, and her skills compared to the bench member's skills was like that of heaven and earth. She even won a MVP medal for her invaluability to the team, and when interviewed about how she became this good, she simply answered "I was just lucky". Fuyumi asks Hōtarō for his opinion on how hurt the bench member was upon hearing this comment.

In some guilt, Hōtarō stays silent as Fuyumi tells him that people have to rely on their talents, or else others will think they are fools for trying. In Hōtarō's mind, he wonders if he is special, if he's seeing himself for who he is. He wonders if he can trust her, but he comes to a certain realization. After giving a deep sigh, Hōtarō gives his reply. The next day, Hōtarō and Satoshi Fukube are on their way to school during a holiday. Satoshi sees it quite interesting that he is going there voluntarily, and wonders if Hōtarō has some business to take care of. Hōtarō tells him he does not a reason, but Satoshi sees it that it is out of his character to do this kind of activity. Hōtarō tells him that Fuyumi told him to find out who is the murder in the movie, which Satoshi is amazed that's he's actually doing this. Hōtarō makes the excuse that he himself is a passionate and honorable man, which is completelt different from his usual motto. Satoshi wonders if Eru converted Hōtarō, but he replies that she didn't.

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  • This episode is adaptation of Ch. 5 "Let's Try This", Ch. 6 "The Blind Spot of 10,000 People" and Ch. 7 "Do Not End the Show" (small part) from The Credit Roll of the Fool.


  1. "Blind Spot to All" in Funimation release.
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