Hyouka 8 (氷菓 (8)) is the eighth volume of Hyouka manga series.



  • Chapter 29: Wildfire (part 2) (ワイルドファイア② Wairudo Faia Dai Ni)
  • Chapter 30: The Juumonji Incident (part 1) (「十文字」事件① Juumonji Jiken Dai Ichi)
  • Chapter 31: The Juumonji Incident (part 2) (「十文字」事件② Juumonji Jiken Dai Ni)
  • Chapter 32: The Juumonji Incident (part 3) (「十文字」事件③ Juumonji Jiken Dai San)
  • Chapter 33: Once Again, a Sleepless Night (再び,眠れない夜 Asobi, Nemurenai Yoru)

Important eventsEdit


  • Chapter 29 corresponds to the second half of the anime episode "Wild Fire".
  • Chapters 30, 31, 32 and 33 correspond to the anime episode "The Jumonji Affair".

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