Hyouka[2] (氷菓, lit. "ice cream") is a 22-episode anime produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto originally aired from April 22, 2012 to September 16, 2012[3][4]. The first episode premiered on April 14, 2012 at a special event at Kadowaka Cinema, Shinjuku, Tokyo. An OVA episode "What Should Be Had" was streamed online on UStream on July 8, 2012 and was later released on Blu-ray Disc with the third manga volume on January 12, 2013.[5][6] Funimation licensed the anime and released it on home media in North America on July 4, 2017 with an English dub.[7] Anime Limited released it in the United Kingdom in 2017 and 2018.[8]


"Everyone wants to live their high school life to make many good memories". This high school student motto and rose-colored lifestyle doesn't interest Houtarou Oreki. He doesn't want to "waste" his energy on relationships, sports or other activities. Instead, what he wants is to "save his energy" by all means and spend his high school life being as plain as possible.

But his life changes when he receives a letter from his older sister Tomoe Oreki in which she wants him to enter the Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club (Classics Club), which was in danger of getting abolished as all previous members have graduated. Being afraid to refuse his sister, Houtarou does so, thinking that this won't change anything in his life as he expected to be the only club member. But he finds out that he was wrong - when he enters the club room, he sees a beautiful girl, standing near the windows and looking outside. She notices Houtarou and introduces herself. She is Eru Chitanda from Class 1-A and a member of the Classics Club. After some time, his old friends Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara join this club as well.

They begin to investigate a case that occurred 45 years ago. Hints of the mystery are buried in an old issues of an anthology called Hyouka published by the Classics Club in the 1960s.


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Episode listEdit

No. Title[9] Original airdate
1 "The Return of the Time-Honored Classic Lit Club"

"Dentō Aru Koten-bu no Saisei" (伝統ある古典部の再生)

April 22, 2012
Apathetic high school student Houtarou Oreki joins the school's Classic Literature Club upon his sister's request, expecting to be the lone member there. However, he founds out that the club already has one member in the face of an ever-curious girl named Eru Chitanda.
2 "The Prestigious Classic Lit Club's Activities"

"Meiyo Aru Koten-bu no Katsudō" (名誉ある古典部の活動)

April 29, 2012
Unable to stand the inactivity of the Classics Club, Eru announces to Houtarou that they need to publish the club's traditional annual anthology named Hyouka. While looking for the Hyouka past issues, she drags Houtarou to the school library where they encounter Satoshi and Mayaka. Mayaka tells them a mystery which neither she nor Satoshi can solve. This ignites Eru's curiosity, and she forces Houtarou to start an investigation.
3 "The Circumstances of the Classic Lit Club's Scion"

"Jijō Aru Koten-bu no Matsuei" (事情ある古典部の末裔)

May 6, 2012
Being amazed by Houtarou's logical skills, Eru asks him for a favour. She wants him to help her remember the words of her uncle, which made her cry when she was little. Houtarou reluctantly agrees to help her.
4 "The Classic Lit Club Glorious Days of Yore"

"Eikō Aru Koten-bu no Sekijitsu" (栄光ある古典部の昔日)

May 13, 2012
Houtarou convinces Eru to ask for additional help from Satoshi and Mayaka. Therefore, her mystery comes to a focus of the entire Classics Club. They agree to organise a meet-up to discuss the mystery of the words of Eru's uncle.
5 "The Truth About the Historic Classic Lit Club"

"Rekishi Aru Koten-bu no Shinjitsu" (歴史ある古典部の真実)

May 20, 2012
Houtarou realises that the girl who wrote about Eru's uncle in the "Hyouka" anthology 33 years ago, and the school librarian is the same person. He decides to confront her with the other three members of the Classics Club.
6 "Committing a Cardinal Sin"

"Taizai o Okasu" (大罪を犯す)

May 27, 2012
One day, while Houtarou was in class, the lesson was interrupted by a commotion coming from Eru's classroom. He doesn't pay much attention to this. However, sometime after, while being in the club room, Eru, Mayaka and Satoshi engage in the debates about the relevance of the Seven Deadly Sins to society and humans themselves. Having heard Eru's voice during the class commotion previously, Houtarou asks Eru what the commotion was about and why she got angry during it. Eru tells Houtarou that the commotion was due to the class's teacher's misunderstanding. However, Eru's curiosity is fired up with the fact of the unknown reason which caused the teacher's misunderstanding. To satisfy Eru's curiosity, Houtarou starts a new investigation.
7 "Upon Seeing True Nature"

"Shōtai Mitari" (正体見たり)

June 3, 2012
The entire Classics Club goes to the hot springs to relax after solving Jun Sekitani case. Houtarou expects to have a rest; unfortunately for him, a new mystery pops up.
8 "Let's Go to the Screening!"

"Shishakai ni Ikō!" (試写会に行こう!)

June 10, 2012
The Classics Club is invited to the screening of the unfinished mystery film produced by Class 2-F as a class project for the upcoming Kanya Festival. The project leader, Fuyumi Irisu, asks the members of the Classics Club to help with the film ending by evaluating the suggestions made by three members of the film's production team.
9 "The Case of the Furuoka Deserted Village Murder"

"Furuoka Haison Satsujin Jiken" (古丘廃村殺人事件)

June 17, 2012
Houtarou and the other members of the Classics Club listen to each production member's theory of what the ending of the unfinished film is supposed to be.
10 "Blind Spot to All"

"Ban'nin no Shikaku" (万人の死角)

June 24, 2012
After all the theories of the amateur detectives have been dismissed, Fuyumi Irisu asks Houtarou personally to solve the mystery in a way to avoid failure of her film.
11 "Credit Roll of Fools"

"Gusha no Endorōru" (愚者のエンドロール)

July 1, 2012
Like Mayaka earlier, Satoshi and Eru also tell Houtarou that they think the ending created by Houtarou is not the one Hongou, the original scriptwriter wanted. Houtarou starts to question himself if Fuyumi Irisu was sincere in her admiration with his thinking.
11.5 "What Should Be Had"

"Motsu beki Mono wa" (持つべきものは)

July 8, 2012
It is a "pleasant" and hot summer morning for Houtarou as he wakes up and goes downstairs to start his day. He is greeted by the running of a shower which whom he suspects is occupied by his sister, Tomoe Oreki, finally home from her travels. His suspicion was correct and he is offered a job at Tomoe's university as a lifeguard, in which she promises that he will do almost nothing. Oreki willingly accepts.
12 "Those Things Piled Up Endlessly"

"Kagiri-naku Tsumareta Rei no Are" (限りなく積まれた例のあれ)

July 8, 2012
The Kanya Festival is approaching, and all four members of the Classics Club are unable to sleep from the anticipation of it.
13 "A Corpse By Evening"

"Yūbe ni wa Mukuro ni" (夕べには骸に)

July 15, 2012
During the Kanya Festival, Satoshi participates in a quiz contest with the intention of advertising "Hyouka" anthology. He makes it to the final four and runs into an acquaintance of his called Tani from the school's Go Club, who tells him about strange theft happened in his club. Meanwhile, various clubs report that various small things have been stolen from them as well and that at each crime scene a note was left by the culprit calling himself "Juumonji".
14 "Wild Fire"

"Wairudo Faia" (ワイルド・ファイア)

July 22, 2012
Satoshi, Eru and Mayaka plan to enter their next contest, the Cooking Contest, as a part of their plan to advertise the Classic Literature Club.
15 "The Jumonji Affair"

"Jūmonji Jiken" (十文字事件)

July 29, 2012
The Classic Literature Club finds a way to sell all "Hyouka" anthology copies. To accomplish this, Houtarou needs to catch the mysterious "Juumonji" thief who is responsible for various thefts during the Kanya Festival.
16 "The Final Target"

"Saigo no Hyōteki" (最後の標的)

August 5, 2012
Houtarou and his friends are getting closer to unveiling the true identity of the mysterious "Juumonji" thief responsible for stealing various items at the Kan'ya Festival.
17 "The Kudryavka Sequence"

"Kudoryafuka no Junban" (クドリャフカの順番)

August 12, 2012
Houtarou finally figures out the true identity of the mysterious "Juumonji" thief who committed several minor thefts at the Kanya Festival. He decides to put that knowledge into good use.
18 "Is the Mountain Range Clear?"

"Renpō wa Harete Iru ka" (連峰は晴れているか)

August 19, 2012
Houtarou remembers that his English teacher in middle school, Masakiyo Ogi, liked helicopters. However, Satoshi, supported by Mayaka, doubt it. As Houtarou engages in the discussion, he starts to wonder if Ogi really liked helicopters.
19 "Does Anyone Have Any Idea?"

"Kokoroatari no Aru Mono wa" (心あたりのある者は)

August 26, 2012
Houtarou and Eru hear a strange school announcement which ignites Eru's curiosity. Because of it, Houtarou is yet again forced to use his skills to solve this new mystery.
20 "Mishap-py New Year"

"Akimashite Omedetō" (あきましておめでとう)

September 2, 2012
Eru invites Houtarou to visit Arekusu Shrine to celebrate New Year's Eve together. However, during their visit, they get into an uncomfortable situation.
21 "The Case of the Homemade Chocolates"

"Tezukuri Chokorēto Jiken" (手作りチョコレート事件)

September 9, 2012
Being challenged by Satoshi, Mayaka made special Valentines chocolate for him. Unfortunately, it was stolen, and it's now up to Houtarou to investigate this case, return the chocolate and find the culprit.
22 "The Doll That Took the Long Way Around"

"Tōmawari Suru Hina" (遠まわりする雛)

September 16, 2012
Eru asks Houtarou to be an umbrella carrier during this year's Doll Festival, and he agrees to help her.





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