Haruna Anjou (安城 春菜 Anjō Haruna?) is a former student of the Kamiyama High School and former member of the school's Manga Club. She has transferred to another school.


She was the author of A Corpse by Evening manga which was a manga she collaborated with Muneyoshi Kugayama to make. Mayaka had mentioned it to Ayako and the Manga Club, but nobody had heard of it. Ayako leaves Mayaka alone about it the next day, most likely remembering or being told that her friend (Haruna) was one of the people who worked on it.


Ayako KouchiEdit

They were close friends before her transfer.

Shouko YuasaEdit

They were friends before her transfer.

Muneyoshi KugayamaEdit

They collaborated to create "A Corpse by Evening". He had done the illustration.


  • Her face was not shown in anime.