Ayako Kouchi (河内 亜也子 Kōchi Ayako) is a second-year student of the Kamiyama High School and a member of the school's Manga Club.



Although she is overall friendly, Ayako is also frequently sarcastic and is quite smug at times.


Ayako is roughly the same height as Chitanda. Her hair is short, slightly spiked and a "coffie" brown color. Her eyes are teal in color. Aside from cosplaying, Ayako is only seen in her Kamiyama High School uniform.


She argues that there's no point in writing manga reviews, and opinions defer from reader to reader. Mayaka disagrees, and tells her about a manga sold at the previous year's culture festival called "A Corpse by Evening". Ayako claims to have never heard of it, and Mayaka says she'll bring it the next day. Mayaka is unable to find the manga, but Ayako doesn't seem to be upset anymore, and just asks Mayaka to help with making posters. While Mayaka is being picked on by the other Manga Club members, Ayako tells them to stop while scowling at them.


Shouko YuasaEdit

They're close friends, judging how they call each other by their first names and how much Shōko trusts her.

Haruna AnjouEdit

They were friends before Haruna's transfer.


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